Dr Stanislas PAMELA

Current position HPC Specialist Research Software Engineer
Employer CCFE - UKAEA
Address D3-2-78, Culham Science Centre
Abingdon OX14 3DB, UK
Tel +44 1235 466 435
email stanislas.pamela@ukaea.uk
Date of Birth 05 Jan. 1986
Nationality France


HPC Specialist Research
Software Engineer (2019-now)
    Area HPC software development
Cloud-Computing software infrastructure
VVUQ (Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification)
    Employer CCFE - UKAEA
    Location Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, UK
Research Physicist (2013-2019)
    Area Numerical Simulation & Theoretical Analysis of Edge Stability in Tokamak Fusion Plasmas
    Employer CCFE - UKAEA
    Location Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, UK
Post-Doc Position (2010-2013)
    Position Title JET Operating Contract (JOC)
Chain1, Chain2 and Flush Responsible Officer
    Employer EFDA-JET -- CEA -- Aix-Marseille Univ.
    Location JET, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, UK
PhD Thesis (2007-2010)
    Thesis Title Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Edge-Localised-Modes in a Tokamak
    Employer IRFM, CEA Cadarache
    Funding Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)
Project ASTER
    Supervisor G.Huysmans (IRFM, CEA)
    Co-supervisor S.Benkadda (PIIM, Aix-Marseille Univ.)


MSc Mathematics (2003-2007)
    University Imperial College London (UK)
    Course Title Mathematics with a year in Europe
    Final Grade First Class
    Specialisation Mathematical Physics (Phys.Fluids, Waves, Relativity, PDEs)
Algebra (Geometry, Groups and Rings, Algebraic Geometry)
    Master Thesis Thin-film Flows of a Non-Viscous Fluid
Driven by Gravity Over Curved Substrates
Erasmus Germany (2005-2006)
    University Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin (Germany)
    Courses Mathematics (Algebra, Algebraic Geometry)
    Final Grade First Class
European Baccalaureate (2003)
    Institute European School Culham (UK)
    Courses Advanced Maths, Physics, Chemistry, German, Music
    Final Grade 85%
Music (2002)
    Violin Grade-8 (UK top qualification before professional studies)


ENR Project (2017-2018)
    Role PI
    Funding EUROfusion (Enabling Research - ENR)
    Title of Project Understanding the role of reconnection in filament separation and its impact on plasma exhaust in tokamaks.
    Project Code AWP17-ENR-MFE_CCFE-01
    Total budget 534,000€, 12.5 person/year
    Team Size 20 members
    Institutes CCFE (UK), Manchester Univ. (UK), Warwick Univ. (UK), Aristotle Univ. (Greece), CNR (Italy), CEA (France), Eidhoven Univ. (Netherlands)
PRACE grant (2017-2018)
    Role PI
    Funding PRACE Tier-0 Supercomputing Resources
    Title of Project JOREK_MHD: Validation of simulations of MHD instabilities in tokamak plasmas for extrapolation to ITER.
    Total budget 30 Million core.hours over 12 months
    Team Size 10 members
    Institutes CCFE (UK), CEA (France), Nice University (France), ITER (IO), IPP Garching (Germany)
JET Task (2015-2016)
    Role Scientific Coordinator of EUROfusion WPJET1 Task T15-02 during experimental campaigns of JET tokamak
    Title of Task Pedestal Analysis and Modelling
    Team Size 49 members
Recent Conferences
    Oral at 42nd European Physics Society EPS-2015 (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Oral at 27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (Kyoto, Japan)
    Overview at 28th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (Ahmedabad, India)


Programing Languages
    Scientific Fortran, C, Python, Matlab, IDL
    HPC MPI, openMP
    Script bash, Perl
    Web development HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL
    Data XML, HDF5
    Version Control git, svn, cvs
Plasma Physics for Magnetic Fusion
    3D non-linear MHD simulation of fusion plasmas
    Pedestal and ELM physics in tokamaks
    Tokamak plasma filamentation
    Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer transport
    Code Validation
Data-Analysis on the JET Tokamak
    Chain1/Chain2 : Data-analysis on JET (~110 diagnostic codes)
    Flush : Public library to exploit tokamak magnetic equilibria
    Surf : Visualisation software for JET magnetic equilibria
HPC and Numerical Development
    Yearly HPC consumption : >20 Million core.hours
    Non-linear 3D simulation
    Open-MPI parallel computing
    Finite-element grid-generators
    Data visualization (vtk, Paraview)
    Advanced synthetic diagnostics (eg. visible/InfraRed camera)
    Interfacing between programming languages (wrappers)
    Web development: built my own 'dropbox' (stanstash.com)


Students Recruitment at CCFE
    Department: Tokamak Science
    Programs: Summer placements (3mm), Year-in-Industry (<12mm)
    Typical load : ~12 Summer students, ~7 Year-in-Industry
CCFE PhD Showcase Coordinator
    Event: 2 days with all CCFE-related PhD students
    Institutions: all UK universities
    Typical attendance: ~40 PhD students plus supervisors
PhD Student Supervision
    Siobhan Smith (CCFE and York Univ.UK)
            'Simulation of ELMs in MAST-U Super-X Configurations'
    Sang-Kyeun Kim (CCFE and Seoul Univ.Korea)
            'Simulation of ELM-Control with RMPs in KSTAR'


List of publications


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